CFCDC Housing Services Department provides affordable housing opportunities to persons or families who are low to moderate income. The services offered are:


Credit Counseling
One-on-one counseling sessions to help resolve current credit related issues for the purpose of setting a strategy for mortgage loan approval. Clients who are interested in receiving credit counseling should review the client intake form and contact our housing office for an appointment.

Housing Education
Housing Services provides Housing Education through the First-Time Homebuyer Workshops. At these workshops, potential home owners learn about Credit and Debt Management, home and property selection, home financing and repairs and money management. For registration for this class, contact the housing office after reviewing the calendar for a class near you.

Home Buyer Assistance
This service provides loan packaging and submission of application for mortgage financing and government funded homeownership subsidy on behalf of the client. Additionally, counselors will assist clients with questions concerning the home buying process for new construction and existing home purchase and provide updates on the client progress throughout the process. Choose one of the following links for information regarding new home construction or existing home purchase. This service addresses the counseling and administrative function of the housing program.

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Housing Development
CFCDC coordinates land purchases, building designs, pre-construction finance, qualitative inspections, and project close-out in collaboration with housing clients. CFCDC may enter a third party agreement to insure completion of construction in accordance with the funder’s guidelines. This service addresses the delivery newly constructed dwellings that are designed, finance, and constructed by CFCDC. Choose the following link for information regarding the housing development process.

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Rental Housing
Housing Services also provides housing to low to moderate income clients. Our rental properties are located in the cities of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Clients interested in becoming a tenant in one of our units may complete the rental application forms (below) and contact a CFCDC counselor for an appointment.

Please note that there is a required $50.00 non-refundable fee to process the application. Upon completion of the application, you may mail or drop the application off at our office located at 847 Orange Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32114. Be sure to include your payment and copies of your valid identification and social security card.

A representative from our office will contact you within ten (10) business days regarding the status of your application. Should you have any questions regarding the contents of this packet, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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Default/Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Assistance to borrowers in default to retain their homes by developing strategies based on the borrowers need. Loss mitigation options are given to the borrower to avoid foreclosure. Counselors intervene with the mortgagor on behalf of the client to create a plan involving forebearance, repayment and/or restructuring of the mortgage. A determination is made on what caused the client mortgage to become delinquent and the extent of the default. Client Strategies are developed to find ways to help the client bring the account current within a time period and a manageable payment plan that is acceptable by the client. Counselors work closely with the mortgagor to assist the client in bringing the account current. CFCDC will utilize local resources to assist the increasing number of clients who are currently experiencing foreclosures.

Financial Calculators
There are a number of different financial calculators available to assist you in calculating different types of mortgages and loans. At your convenience utilize the calculators and get different scenarios.

Vendor Process
All licensed contractors and vendors who wish to provide services to CFCDC may complete the forms below and contact the office:

Contractor Certification Form
Vendor Application Form

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